Synthetic polypropylene laminate media roll

Short Description:

G4 blue/white/black media laminated wire mesh

Through gradually encryption manufacturing process to realize low initial resistance,high dust holding capacity performance. It can be used to make pleated filter after it laminated wire mesh.




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Synthetic polypropylene laminate media roll

Product Description


Used for produce pleated filter

Pre-filter for air filtration system
Suitable for folding type filter
Product Features:
Using synthetic polypropylene,gradually encryption manufacturing process;
Low initial resistance,high dust holding capacity;
Good flame resistance,fire classification standards can meet European DIN53438-F1;
Moisture-resistant can reach 100%;

Specifications Regular size as following time, other sizes can be customized

No. Item No.  Description
1 G4 blue/white media laminated wire mesh 24”/610mm width * 150m length
White media: 610mm width; wire mesh: 580mm width
2 25” /635mm width * 150m length
White media: 635mm width; wire mesh: 605mm width
3 20” /508mm width * 150m length
White media: 508mm width; wire mesh: 478mm width
4 28” /711mm width * 150m length
White media: 711mm width; wire mesh: 681mm width
 Type Dimensions Average arrestance Air
High Temperature    ℃
W×L×H Filter % m/s pa
AY-G3 0.61m*150m G3 ≤50 2.5 60 80
AY-G4 0.61m*150m G4 ≤82 2.5 75 80

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