Fiberglass pocket filter media

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Hotels, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Food & Beverage Shops
Efficiency:Medium  Construction:Bag Filter temperature:120℃  Material:fiberglass

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●The fiberglass pocket filter is overlapped by nonwoven fabric way with superfine melt- blown glass fiber. This filter material has good chemical resistance and low hygroscopicity. ●Large airflow, low resistance, and long service life. ●Be suitable for long term use in environment below 120℃. ●Widely used in medium filtration of ventilation and air conditioning system.
Class M5-F8
Filter Material Pleated non-woven synthetic media with wire netting on down stream side
Frame Material Cardboard, steel board, aluminum extrusion
Filtration Grade Medium Efficiency
Feature 1.Big windward side, large dust holding capacity, high wind speed.2.Adopt special non-woven or glass fiber to filter.3.The filter particle size above 0.5um.4.Filter efficiency 40%-95%(Colorimetry)

5.Filter grade: M5-F8

6.To extend the replacement cycle, reduce costs

Application It’s ideal configuration products to widely use in ventilation system.
Certification ISO9001-2008

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