Pleat machine for Hepa filters

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Machine operation process: glass fiber filter paper machine-tension control-filter paper indentation-filter paper trimming-glue nozzle opening and merging-automatic glue spraying-cooling-cooling-folding forming-synchronous belt wheel conveyor belt conveying aluminum roller

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(1) Performance parameters:
1 Equipment specifications: the maximum folding width is 700mm;
2 Origami height: 20~100mm, the display screen can be set arbitrarily;
3 Corrugation flatness standard: The folding height is very flat Corrugation spacing: The spacing is uniform, and the filtering effect can reach 99.9999%;
4 Production speed: 2m—38m/min;
5 Servo motor: 1.0×2 sets
6 Servo motor: 0.75×1 set
7 High precision reducer: 3 sets
8Hot melt glue machine capacity: 50L;
9 Glue line spacing: 25.4mm;
10 Glue spraying performance of the glue gun: continuous glue spraying, single-sided and double-sided glue injection, surface glue breaking, AB glue breaking, misplacement glue injection, how many glue injections are broken and one fold;
11 Equipment power supply: 380V/50HZ; total power: 15KW;
12 Dimensions: 7000×1700×1800 (length X width X height) mm;
13 Preheating time of the glue machine: 30 minutes,
14 The cooling method of the glue line is multi-axis natural cooling and fan cooling;

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