Medium Efficiency F7 Synthetic air bag filter media

Short Description:

1.Nontoxic, odorless, disposable
2.reasonable filter structure stretching the service life of product
3.Small resistance, high efficiency
4.uniform appearance and colors 

5.Tested and certified according to EN 779:2012

6.Refined filter structure,  even air flow

7.Logo can be printed

8.Short lead time

 9.Free samples available


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Applying ultrasonically weld to compound three layers of filter media together.The first crude fiber filter layer catches biggest dust in the air.The thin fiber catches smaller dust.The outer is the protective layer.The reasonable design guarnatees the fine performance and makes it has a long service time. The excellenct ultrasonically weld technology aviods the air flow leak caused by wind prssure.The seperation net strap aviods the adhesion between bags ,details the wind area, decreases the resistance and enlarges the dust volume. Packaging Details

Product parameters

 Product name  F7 synthetic pocket filter media
 Brand  Anya Filter Media Co.,Ltd
 Material  Non woven fabric
 Place of Origin Hebei, China (Mainland)
 Model Number  Filter Bags
 Application Industries  Hotels, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machine
 Efficiency  F7
 Type  Pocket Filter
 Filtration Grade  Medium Filter
 Usage  Air Filter
 Weight  Make to order
 Multi Layer  Three layers
 Max Width  750mm
 Max length  80m
 Color  Pink Yellow (Europe Standard)
 Porosity  customized
 Testing standard  According to EN779 Standard
 Certification  ROHS, CNAS, UL,Anbotek testing
 Resistance  17 pa max
 Seal  ultra sonically welded
 Material Of Bag  Non-woven
 Features  1.Nontoxic, odorless.disposable,
2.Reasonable filter structure stretching
3.Long service life of product,
4.Small resistance, high efficiency, uniform appearance and   colors,applied to coarse and middle efficient bag filters widely.
5.Multi-layer ascending structure to ensure longer service life
Advantages  An additional 50 Pa of pressure drop will reduce the energy   output of a gas turbine by approximately 0.1%. For example, a   420 MW turbine will lose 3,679,200 kWh per year assuming the   machine operates 8,760 hours p.a.
 Packaging  1.One roll ina plastic bag.

2.0.68*80m per roll

 3.Or according to customer’s request

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