How to choose the air filter useful for the family

Today, our living environment is getting worse and worse. Many families will install air filters to filter the air at home, but we also know that to buy an air filter, you first need to understand the material of the air filter, so that you can choose the air filter useful for the family, then the air filter material is common What kind? The knowledge of air filtration materials is a brief science popularization.

Air filters are mainly used in pneumatic machinery, internal combustion engine machinery and other fields. Its role is to provide clean air for these mechanical equipment to prevent these mechanical equipment from inhaling air with impurity particles during the working process, thereby increasing wear and damage. Probability. The main components of the air filter are the filter element and the housing. The filter element is the main filter component, responsible for filtering the gas, and the outer shell is the external structure that provides the necessary protection for the filter element. The working requirement of the air filter is to be able to perform high-efficiency air filtration, without increasing the excessive resistance to the airflow, and to be able to work continuously for a long time.

Air filter material


HEPA filter paper is currently the most common filter for air filters. It can purify particles above 0.3 microns and has a removal efficiency of 99.7%. Especially for PM2.5, it is a filter highly recognized by consumers. However, in order to maximize the energy efficiency of HEPA filter paper, special attention should be paid to the grade and standard of HEPA filter paper, because the specification and grade of HEPA filter paper will be affected by many factors such as the design of the purifier itself and the air flow rate. If it is an air purifier produced by a low-quality manufacturer, although HEPA filter paper is used, the outer layer of the purifier is unreasonably designed and the material is poor, which will cause the edge of the filter material to leak and affect the filtering effect of the HEPA filter paper filter.

As we all know, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is the most powerful, but the effect of using activated carbon alone is not obvious, and another technology is needed to maximize the effect of activated carbon. Now some manufacturers have proposed a new type of nano-photocatalyst-activated carbon fiber composite filter media, which uses the adsorption capacity of activated carbon particles to adsorb all the toxic and harmful gases in the air on the surface of the activated carbon carrier, and then remove these gases. Activated carbon can absorb gas below 0.3 microns, which is more powerful than HEPA filter paper. Easy to clean, can be washed directly. But the activated carbon needs to be replaced once a year to avoid a decrease in the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon

Post time: Jun-04-2021
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